Friends of Livermore


Good job, Dublin! Congratulations to the people of Dublin and to the Dublin City Council for enacting an urban growth boundary on the eastern side of the city. We applaud this major step toward the preservation of open spaces in our valley.   6/3/2014

This happens without an Urban Growth Boundary:

This happens with an Urban Growth Boundary:

URBAN GROWTH BOUNDARIES.   They're worth defending.

Since 2002, the North Livermore Urban Growth Boundary has successfully prevented urban expansion into open spaces and agricultural regions north of the city (lower photo). Livermore is fully bounded by an Urban Growth Boundary. Until recently, however, the City of Dublin was lacking an Urban Growth Boundary on its eastern side, resulting in years of runaway urban sprawl spreading across the hills north of I-580 (upper photo). Now, with the enactment of an Urban Growth Boundary on Dublin's east side, developers are required to take any proposal for development outside the Urban Growth Boundary directly to the Dublin voters, guaranteeing that Dublin voters decide Dublin's future.

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