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Friends of Livermore is pleased to endorse and recommend to voters
  • Steven Spedowfski for Livermore City Council
  • Bob Woerner for Livermore City Council (incumbent)
  • John Marchand for Mayor of Livermore (incumbent, unopposed)

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    Bob Woerner

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    Steven Spedowfski

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    John Marchand

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    The Friends of Livermore have had an enduring vision for the city: Protect the Urban Growth Boundary, Preserve Open Space, Prevent Sprawl, and Support a Vibrant Downtown. Through the diligence and hard work of many, that vision has been largely realized. Livermore is a distinctly unique city and a special place to live.

    We are most fortunate this election cycle to have two candidates for City Council that share this vision, recognize the factors connecting this vision to the high quality of life in Livermore, and have the experience and capabilities to ensure that these factors continue into the future. They support the preservation of valley open space with unwavering support for the urban growth boundary, the continued vitalization of the downtown, the improvement of traffic and parking conditions, new measures to address the impact of the drought, and overall responsible management of city spending.

    Bob Woerner served on the City Planning Commission before taking a seat on the City Council in 2011. Steven Spedowfski served on the City Beautification Committee before serving on the City Planning Commission including a term as Chair. Both are long time Livermore residents with a commitment to preserving the quality of life in our city. These candidates are clearly best suited to carry the vision and values of the Friends of Livermore forward.

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